Food Stamps are the virtual Currency which is used in Hobo Simulator. You can purchase them in the shop or obtain them during the game.

Food Stamps are not required to play the game. It just makes the game a little easier/faster to play with the Shop Items.

Food Stamp Cost Edit

Amount Cost Information
400 $3.02 only available for the first 48 hours
200 $2.01
550 $5.05
1.150 $10.12
2.400 $20.12
6.250 $50.62
13.000 $100.63

Free Food Stamps Edit

You can get food stamps also while playing the game. At the moment, there are two ways, how you can get stamps:

  1. Do actions in the game. With each action you have a chance of about 1% to get a free food stamp.
  2. Watch a video. In the Shop, in the tab "Food Stamps", there is an entry "Free Food Stamps". Watch a video and you will receive 3 Food Stamps.
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